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How much is it to join Go Legal Flow?

Here's a straightforward breakdown of the financial commitment to join Go Legal Flow:

Step 1: Intake Insight Audit. This comprehensive review is essential to understand your current processes and potential growth areas. The cost for this audit is $1,000.

Step 2: Done for You Project Buildout: After the audit, you have the option to proceed with a customized, done for you project tailored for your firm. The starting price for this buildout is $5,500. If you decide to move forward with the project within two weeks after completing the audit, we'll credit the $1,000 audit fee towards your project buildout cost.

Step 3. Monthly Access Fee: To maintain access to all the features and support offered by Go Legal Flow, there is a monthly fee of $399. This fee begins 30 days after you sign up for your done for you project.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about the investment.

Can i join Go Legal Flow without signing up for an audit and done for you buildout?

There are 2 ways to join Go Legal Flow. The standard joining process is to start with the Intake Insight Audit, then proceed to the done for you buildout. The alternative process is to join directly through one of our preferred partners.

Will Go Legal Flow replace my law practice management software (e.g., Clio Manage, PracticePanther, MyCase, etc.)?

While Go Legal Flow excels in automating your marketing and intake activities, it's not designed to replace your existing law practice management software. Functions like document eSigning, case management, client portals, and time and expense tracking are best managed through specialized practice management platforms.

In summary, Go Legal Flow complements, rather than replaces, your practice management software, offering you a more holistic approach to managing and growing your law firm.

How long will it take to complete my done for you project in Go Legal Flow?

The timeline for building your project is primarily dependent on a few key factors, including the scope of the project and how promptly you can provide us with the necessary information. In general, you can expect your project to be launched within 6 weeks (including the revision period).

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Do you offer onboarding support for the platform?

Of course! Here's what's included:

  • A dedicated Tech Takeoff Call to kick things off.

  • Three 1:1 Success Accelerator Sessions

  • 30 days of Concierge Support via our Slack Channel for any quick questions or guidance.

  • Weekly Office Hours to keep you on track and address any challenges.

  • 24/7 live chat support for those burning midnight queries.

  • An extensive knowledgebase and interactive user guides for self-paced learning.

    And if you ever need extra help? Feel free to contact us to discuss your done-for-you projects or sign up for our monthly Tech Takeover Plan. We're here to ensure you're always supported!

Do you offer a payment plan for your done for you buildout?

While we do not offer a payment plan, we have partnered with Elective to bring you extended, interest-free financing options. Approval is subject to a credit check. Feel free to let us know if you prefer to choose this option.

What all-in-one features does Go Legal Flow offer?

Go Legal Flow offers over 30+ features including Website & Funnels, Domain Hosting, Blogging Platform, Webchat Widget, Workflow Automations, Form and Survey Builder, Unlimited Team Members, Invoicing & Payments, Courses & Memberships, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, FB & Google Ad Analytics, Attribution Reporting, Social Media Planner, Reputation Management, 2-Way Texting, Online Appointments, Unified Communication Inbox, Outbound & Inbound Calls, Instagram DM Integration, FB Messenger Integration, GMB Messages Integration, Advanced Analytics, and More.

Are there any other fees I need to pay for continued access to Go Legal Flow?

The majority of our features are included in your subscription plan; however, there are a some fees that are not included. Visit our Fee Schedule for more information.

I have more than one office. Can I manage all of them in one Go Legal Flow account?

Technically, yes, but we don't recommend it. Think of it as trying to run several restaurants from one kitchen - the logistics quickly get complicated. In Go Legal Flow, you can only integrate one Facebook Page, Instagram Page, and Google My Business Page per account. This means you can manage conversations from these platforms for just one location in one account.

Additionally, using one account for several locations can complicate matters when dealing with distinct funnels, calendars, tags, and workflows. Each office would likely have unique needs, and it's easier to cater to those when they have their own individual account.

But here's the good news - managing multiple Go Legal Flow accounts doesn't mean juggling multiple logins. We understand you have enough passwords to remember, so we've set up our system to allow multiple account management using a single login.

And to make it even more appealing, we offer a 30% discount for each additional account you sign up for. This way, you're not only simplifying your account management but also taking advantage of cost savings.

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